18 thoughts on “snow outside window ~ haiku

    • Twice, so far, for me. And as romantic as I think a wood fire is, the first thing I did when I bought this house was to put in gas logs. Call me lazy, but I never enjoyed the work/cleaning involved in a wood fire. Now outdoors, that’s a different story.

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      • My hubby made our indoor fireplace semi-efficient. It gets outside air. He put in a heat-exhanger, a grate with hollow tubes that the logs sit on. It also has glass doors to keep the view available but the room safe. The motor intakes the room air and then after the tubes are warmed forces it back into the room. Most wood burning fire places actually take warm air from the room and up the flue. We don’t have gas… A missed utility but while other homes in our neighborhood have propane tanks (for stoves mainly)… we didn’t want to go that route.

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