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Retired, then transplanted from Western New York to Missouri, I find myself missing familiar sights, but remind myself that familiarity is a state of mind.

Time spent on or near the water has always been important to me. In a past life that meant boating and scuba diving. Today it means kayaking or walking along a river or stream. It may even mean sitting on a shoreline, writing poetry.

Photography has always been a favorite pastime, so taking photos often is as important to me as the sights I see, but those sights aren’t limited to Nature. I find myself seeking angles and lines, and, as you might expect, some of the most intriguing lines can be found in architecture, but they also can be seen in groups of objects – and that includes people.

Of course, as I’m enjoying the outdoors or observing people and architecture, all of this becomes part of my “familiar.” My goal is to write about my ever-broadening familiar.


Ken G. / rivrvlogr

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    • Yes, the Peace Bridge. Before moving from WNY in 2012, I spent many nights on Bird Island Pier taking photos of the bridge. Walking to to the end of the pier and break walls, nearly a mile, was another nice thing to do during the summer, before storm damage caused the closing of the pier just under the bridge. However, at night it was possible to slip past the fence without being seen, to get some good shots of the bridge.

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  1. I have nominated you [http://elusivetrope.com/2015/11/20/3d-3q-day-2/] for the 3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge.I want to say I don’t want you to feel obligated to participated. I just want people to experience and photographs I feel are inspiring and grounding.

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  3. I have included on a new page on blog called “20 Worthy Blogs”. The inspiration to create this page came from being nominated for two different award (challenges), which of course require me to nominate other bloggers. I am one of those that feels uneasy nominating people in large part because I don’t want them to feel obligated or unpleasant because they have to turn the challenge down. Another reason is many of the people I would like to nominate have blogs in which the challenge would not blend well with the intent and/or content of the blog.

    Any someone whose is listed on this page, you can considered yourself nominated or not nominated depending on your preference.. You could also just use 1 fact about yourself (from The Versatile Blogger or one (or more) of the 11 questions listed (from the Sunshine Blogger Award) as a prompt or inspiration for a post (with no need to link back to this post or mention the award).

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    • Thank you for this.
      I understand the thoughts behind nominations for various awards, yet I have wondered at the ability of others to respond in kind when nominated. I think of my interactions here as always evolving. As limited as those interactions may be, I like to think of some of them as evolving into friendship, and I tend to worry about imposing on friends. Add to that various stages of indecision when answering questions – or just in wording responses – and I question my ability to participate.
      I took a route similar to yours when I responded to the “three quotes” challenge, by simply suggesting other bloggers for my readers to follow.
      I’m looking at the 11 questions on your blog now, and I do believe I can write something around one of those – probably #11, but we’ll see.
      Thank you, again.


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  4. I have just included you in a list of favourite/recommended blogs. It’s a Liebster award! Hope you enjoy being on the list and if you wish, you can pass the torch to 11 more bloggers–but please don’t feel obligated. I wouldn’t enjoy doing this if I thought my award nominees felt obliged to follow up with their own award post. 🙂

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    • Thank you. In fact, I’m at your blog now, saying the same thing. I do appreciate the recognition. I’ll try my best to answer the questions in your blog. (I tend to labor over these sort of things.) As for nominating others, I agree with you about obligation – not necessarily for myself, but in placing that on others. I’ve skated around that issue in the past, when responding to a quote challenge, by simply recommending other bloggers, so I’ll probably do the same this time.
      Thank you, again. 🙂

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  5. I like your goal: ” My goal is to write about my ever-broadening familiar.” It is always good to deepen our awareness of the familiar…Thank you for your recent visit to my blog. I am going to explore your blog now. Always good to meet new bloggers! Love your photo of the Peace Bridge!

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  7. Hello Ken, I nominated you for a One Lovely Blog Award. I wanted to say thank you for the support in NaPoWriMo. You made me feel very welcome. No need to respond or accept or anything – completely up to you – these things do chain about. Just – thank you!

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  9. Many years ago I dabbled in photography, with a Minolta SLR, a couple of filters, and a telephoto lens, but had to give it up when disability struck and I could no longer travel. Life moves on.

    Love your haiku. Kept a copy of your quick reference guide to poetic forms. Don’t consider myself to be “serious” poet, but sometimes the fit strikes me. I often find the English transliterations of Chinese poets surprisingly inspiring, despite their awkwardness. Whatever the barriers of speech, the language of the spirit is universal.

    Thanks for visiting “Sky Chalice.” Here’s a link to a few more of my attempts: http://wp.me/p30cCH-1Yy

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    • Thank you. That guide is as much for my reference as anything, as I learn new forms.
      Yes, the Chinese transliterations are an interesting exercise. I’ll take at look at yours.
      Photography has been on and off for me for nearly forty years. I retired my SLR in the late eighties, after my toddler son’s second (successful) attempt to pull the camera by the strap, from table to floor. Point and shoot was then the norm until I bought my first Canon EOS Rebel (late nineties, maybe), then switched to digital, eventually to a Canon T3i.

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  10. Ken, I have enjoyed looking around your very interesting and diverse blog. I like it so much I hit the follow button. I would like to invite you to join the Senior Salon on Wednesdays and share your creativity.

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  12. I was told I could swim before I could walk. I think given the opportunity all children could…
    Luckily I live beside a creek. My sun sign is water. Perhaps that is what helps the words flow?
    I like photography also. But I’m not adept with computer photography …yet. I just figured out how to copy and paste some photos into blog posts, but I still can’t adjust the size of the photo in the blog…

    I’ve bookmarked your place so I can find you 🙂
    I really enjoy meeting the folks from Frank’s haikai.

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