I’ll Take Ice Cream with My Cake ~ prose poem

I’ll Take Ice Cream with My Cake

I see snow falling in March and remind myself. Again. My birthday occurs during winter. Somehow, working outside in the cold for more than thirty years wasn’t enough. I had to retire to figure it out. It’s not like I didn’t see enough snow. I lived in Buffalo where scraping ice from a windshield is one way to stay warm and digging out is a just another day. But even if it is my least favorite season, I didn’t move to get away from the weather. Milder winters were just an added bonus. Missouri may not see half as much snow, but it has its share. In fact, six inches is the forecast for tonight. In March. Now that I have more time on my hands, maybe I notice these things more. I watch a female cardinal take seeds from the feeder, her mate standing guard on an overhead branch as the snow starts to fall. Looks like this year’s could be another winter birthday.

Not So Cold ~ haibun

Not So Cold

Having lived most of my life in Western New York (WNY), land of blizzards and the dreaded Lake Effect Storm, I find winter to be a different animal here in the central (north-to-south) mid-west. The mid-Missouri winters I have experienced since 2012 have been more like a WNY spring trying to decide if, maybe – just maybe – winter shouldn’t last until the middle of April. That’s how it is here, from December to March.

Temperatures fluctuate from week to week and day to day. Six inches of snow is a lot. That doesn’t mean we won’t have the rare foot of snow over a weekend, but it sure won’t be around for two weeks, because the temperature will be back to the forties, or higher, in a couple of days. We had sub-zero temperatures last week, directly followed by two days in the sixties. 57ºF today, but then it’s back to a week in the thirties. Back in Buffalo, that’s almost T-shirt weather.

Do I wish it were still cold? No. Just give me some consistency. And I don’t mean bare trees with no other way to tell that winter is here. I may not miss the cold temps and storms of WNY, but I do miss those scenic winters, with weather I can count on.

ice on the river
gone before the week is out
robins in winter

This haibun is my response to Frank Tassone’s #Haikai Challenge #71: Still Cold.

Image: Missouri River, 31 January 2019
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