Poem Up at The Ekphrastic Review

My ekphrastic poem, “Fallen Leaves, after the Rain,” inspired by “Untitled (acrylic collage)” by Ron Schira, is published today at The Ekphrastic Review. Schira is an artist in Reading, Pennsylvania, and has worked in various media. The “assembled painting” is part of a series composed of acrylic layers placed on canvas, presenting a textured, three-dimensional aspect, each piece unique in its own right. I have long been familiar with his work, and the words of my poem were forming in my mind from my first viewing of this piece.

The photo is my own, as the painting is now in my home. The painting presents even more light from different angles, with silver and white seeming to emanate from hidden layers, which draws my eye to it at unexpected moments.

My thanks go to Editor Lorette C. Luzajic, who continues to present a wide variety of art and poetry at The Ekphrastic Review, for accepting this poem.

Ken G.

8 thoughts on “Poem Up at The Ekphrastic Review

  1. Congratulations, Ken!
    The poem seems very autumn-like, quietly reflective. I really like the artwork, too. It does look like autumn leaves glowing in the sun.
    My younger daughter went to college in Reading, PA–Albright College.

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  2. An incredible image – can imagine the greater impact in “depth” of original.
    Likewise, another striking poem from you – the Monarch comparison especially, but also the aura perspectives. “The earth signs to receive you” … and I sigh receiving this poetic conveyance – wonders of cycling through changes, beauty magnified in departing.

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