Placid Waters ~ quadrille

Placid Waters

Wild only in its freedom,
there is no white water here,
just a paddle caressing
its surface, a stillness
marred only by ripples
of trees dancing as they reach
from the bow of a kayak
to the shore that holds
steadfast their stately canopy.

This is my response to Quadrille #96: Wild Monday — the prompt from Kim at dVerse, which is to use the word keep in a 44-word poem that does not require meter or rhyme.

Image: Ellicott Creek, Amherst New York
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Beyond This Keep ~ #writephoto

Beyond This Keep

Lofty as they were, our aspirations held
little common ground. The ruins we share
bring me no comfort, and the walls I build

offer even less. There is more than gray
beyond this horizon, and I will find it,
leaving this darkness behind.

This is my response to Thursday Photo Prompt: Keep #writephoto
at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo, with her photo.


Perhaps this even meets the prompt from Frank Hubeny at dVerse Poets Pub for Soliloquy.