short span of daylight

fir tree stands frozen

short span of daylight
warmth of sun stays out of reach
chickadee huddles

thoughts of spring blossoms bring hope
darkness will now grow shorter

Frank Tassone’s Winter Solstice challenge

Image source: (Ice Storm Chickadees by Johanna Lerwick)

11 thoughts on “short span of daylight

  1. aloha Ken. i like the line “chickadee huddles”. i’m not quite sure i can see it clearly, yet i feel the cold in the words. as i know you like photography, i’d like to encourage the use of your own images as well. very cool. aloha r.

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    • Howdy, and thanks. I do use my own photos when possible. The one chance I had to take a closeup photo of a chickadee (in a fir tree just outside my door) was in the early, low res days of digital. There aren’t many fir trees nearby (here), so shots like that are less likely these days. Thanks for stopping by.


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