The Deepest Pearl ~ Sparrowlet

The Deepest Pearl

A pearl is held within this shell,
where loneliness a love does quell.
The light of hope for one once felled,
the sound of celebration’s knell.
A hope that our two hearts will meld.
Within this shell a pearl is held.

As you will see, a man made whole
will bare to you his deepest soul.
His one desire, your love the key.
His shell is shed as all extol
before you now, on bended knee,
a man made whole, as you will see.

This poem is my response to Poetry Form: Sparrowlet, the prompt from Grace at dVerse Poets Pub, which is to write a Sparrowlet, an invented stanzaic form created by Kathrine Sparrow.

The elements of the Sparrowlet are:
• stanzaic, written in any number of sixains. (A stanza of 6 lines).
• syllabic, lines of 8 syllables each. (Often written in iambic tetrameter.)
• rhymed, rhyme scheme BbabaA.
• L1 and L6 of each stanza is written in 2 hemistichs.
(Hemistich means a half a line of a verse).
• The 2 halves of L1 are inverted and repeated as a refrain in L6.
The last line MUST be the EXACT SAME as line 1, just switched around,
with a change in punctuation to accommodate the meaning
as the only variable allowed).

The pattern of the 6 line stanza (with bold characters as the repeated syllables):


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evening sunlight ~ abhanga

evening sunlight

welcome brilliance arrives
with a break in the clouds
as their shroud dissipates
evening sunlight

This poem is my response to Colleen’s#TankaTuesday 2/8/22 #Poetry Challenge No. 260, #SpecificForm: Abhanga. Abhanga is a form commonly used for devotional poetic composition although it has also been used for cynicism, satire and reflective moods. The elements of abhanga are as follows:

• stanzaic, written in any number of 4 line stanzas.
• syllabic, 6-6-6-4 syllables each
• rhyme pattern … x-a-a-x, where x does not rhyme
• often internal rhyme is employed
…and yes, I stretched the rule about rhyming

Photo: 5:08 pm CST ~ 08 February 2022
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almighty dollar

almighty dollar

almighty dollar
promoting consumerism
ensuing mayhem

with illusory bliss

going nowhere fast
in pursuit of happiness
amazing rat race

This haiku triplet is in response to Haiku Review Challenge by The Secret Keeper. The short film offered for review is a trailer for Happiness by Steve Cutts, found on Vimeo.  It’s 4m 16s in length, but you will want to pause frequently to see all of the details in this parody of consumerism.

Missouri weather

Missouri weather.jpgMissouri weather

nothing like

snow may fall
most likely it won’t
redefining expectations

In response to Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #17 Out of the Carpe Diem Box, this is my first attempt to write a cherita.
Cherita (the Malay word for story or tale)
          ~ [1 — 2 — 3] – a single stanza of a one-line verse, followed by a two-line verse, and then finishing with a three-line verse
          ~ written solo or with up to three partners
Image: Missouri, February 2013





I walked in your footsteps,
different as they were from mine.
Our collars were the same,
though yours were more worn, and sometimes
I felt like I was swimming, heel-to-toe.
Experience, and the value of a dollar.
Did we treat our children the same?
You knew hardship and cold nights
in your childhood, so you worked hard
to spare me from adversity. My childhood
may not have been free of trials,
but it was carefree, even when
worn soles were patched with cardboard.
Does that forgive spoiling my children
to save them from hardship? Layers and years
separate your experience from mine,
but when you peel them back
we are not all that different.

This is my response to The Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Prompt #125, with the words step, treat, cold, hole & peel.

Image source: (A Pair of Shoes, Vincent van Gogh)

Secret Keeper Prompt

Osprey Circles High ~ haibun

Osprey with Catch

Osprey Circles High

As I paddle downstream, a raptor tracks my progress from a tall sycamore. Taking flight as I approach, its wings lifting with broad strokes, it catches a thermal that takes it higher and higher, gliding as it watches. Taking sight on movement in the water, it starts an aerial dive, striking its prey just below the surface. The great bird flies away in a ballet of wings and fins as I continue to paddle, thankful for the beauty of nature.

osprey circles high
hitting water in steep dive
fish struggles in vain

Frank Tassone’s Hawk Challenge
Image: Osprey with catch, over the Osage River, Missouri