What Remains – #writephoto

What Remains

What Remains_1See me now as I am and know
that mine is not a sad story.

My life could be held
in a feather, seemingly

insignificant, but with countless
strands holding both troubled times

and the promise delivered
What Remains_2by blue skies. Dipped in ink

to spill its tales, or carried on the wind
to those who have known me,

it speaks of a life lived.
See me now and know me.

This is my response to Thursday Photo Prompt: Remains #writephoto, from Sue Vincent at Daily Echo.  Sue has provided two photos for this week’s prompt.


no spring sprouts – ADD troiku

no spring sprouts
nor desire to tend garden
in this time of loss


in the herb garden
nothing more than weed-choked life
echoing my grief

his heart attack
takes my mind to dark places
mourning clouds my sight

his heart attack
complicated loss

A troiku is a form devised by Kristjaan Panneman at Carpe Diem: three haiku, with each of the three lines from a suggested haiku as the first line of each haiku in the troiku.

If you have stayed with me this far, you can see that this is not a troiku. I totally spaced out when posting this, and have corrected it here.

scent and color pale – after the storm

Carpe Diem Weekend-Meditation #24 Revise That Haiku
offers two classic haiku: 

in the moonlight,
the color and scent of the wisteria
seems far away
                         Yosa Buson (1716-1784)
a mountain village
under the piled-up snow
the sound of water
                         Masaoka Shiki (1867-1902)

My revisions:

scent and color pale

(Clément Rosenthal)

scent and color pale
wisteria in moonlight
haunting in absence



after winter storm

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
(Utagawa Hiroshige)

after winter storm
mountain village recovers
heavy snow melting

tears of loneliness

tears of loneliness.jpg

tears of loneliness
washing over me in waves
echoed in gulls’ cries

The challenge in Carpe Diem Crossroads #1 is to write a new haiku inspired by the words in two haiku (“fusing” them)
~ written by Chèvrefeuille and Basho ~

alone on the beach
only the cries of seaguls –
breathing silence
                         © Chèvrefeuille

young leaves
I would like to wipe away
tears in your eyes
                         © Basho

Image source: pxhere.com