dreaming of moonlight ~ tanka

your sleeping breath
night rain revives the earth
waves of sea air
in bright yellow daffodils
nod to the dark wind
                    © Jane Reichhold

dreaming of moonlight
finding its way through the clouds
moving in the breeze
wet grass shining in new light
as tree frogs call in response

The prompt for Tanka Splendor – Daffodils is to write a tanka
inspired by one written by Jane Reichhold (in blue).

Image source: Green Tree Frog – Missouri Department of Conservation

one bird seems to lead ~ tanka

one bird seems to lead
that winged arc across the sky
none truly follow
reaching their destination
instinct their only compass

With a memory like a sieve, it’s ironic that, at times, once I have a word in my head I can’t get it out. Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday Challenge No. 127 – Synonyms Only offers the words
lead and follow. Once I started writing, those words were there to stay,
so consider this a non-response to her prompt.

Image source: cornell.edu

wings of light wakening all ~ tan renga


through open window.jpg

Carpe Diem #1607 Tan Renga – an open window is a challenge
with a twist – create a tanka starting with the provided haiku by Chèvrefeuille,
(in blue) followed by a 3rd and 4th stanza (another haiku and response),
essentially making this a tan renga / solo renga. 

the sound of the surf
enters my home through the open window
and a butterfly
                    © Chèvrefeuille

wings of light wakening all
bringing joy and contentment

butterfly dancing
with wave shimmer reflections
fanciful vision

whispering waves symphony
providing nature’s soundtrack

Image source: alphacoders.com (edited here)



Understanding grows in words spoken
between kindred souls as eyes meet
in a shared spark ignited.
No simple chemistry
explains emotions
consuming them,
the sheer joy
as hearts

that heady perfume
permeating my senses
washing over me in waves
keeping me afloat with love

heartbeat so simple
its rhythm measuring love
your presence the source

A nonet, a tanka, and a senryū for Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday
#Poetry Challenge No. 122

And from my archives (for those with the time):
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wind rustling leaves ~ tanka


wind through the trees
the ocean
in my heart
                    Rachel Sutcliffe

wind rustling leaves
sound of waves lapping the shore
willow branches trail
comfort found in sights and sounds
my heart at peace in nature

Rachel Sutcliffe, an accomplished and recognized haiku poet, has died.
In #Haikai Challenge #70: Rachel Sutcliffe, Frank Tassone asks us write
a haikai poem, using one of Rachel’s poems as inspiration.

Image: Niagara River Gorge at Whirlpool State Park in New York State