Tear Drops ~ Crown Crapsey


Tear Drops

Tear drops,
when held back,
seep far into the soul,
the well that is deep inside us,

for the moment
when it is essential
that our innermost emotions
be known

Be known,
that expressing
the passion within us
must not be considered shameful,

should we believe
our emotions, when shared,
do not diminish our stature.

easily shed,
and never taken back,
they are always a part of us.
Tear drops

This is my response to MTB: Crowning Crapsey,
the prompt from Laura Bloomsbury at dVerse ~ Poets Pub.

The Crapsey (or American cinquain) is a form of cinquain first written by Adelaide Crapsey. It’s 5 lines are not rhymed, and have a syllable count of 2-4-6-8-2. A Crown Crapsey, then, is a sequence of five cinquain stanzas functioning to construct one larger poem, with each cinquain being a Crapsey. As it happens, my last stanza came to me first.

35 thoughts on “Tear Drops ~ Crown Crapsey

    • Thank you, Helen. Indeed, the past couple of years have been hard. I didn’t lose anyone to the pandemic (btw, my son caught Covid for the second time, even though he’s up to date with his booster vaccine), but knowing about so many who have lost someone close to them has been a reminder of those I’ve lost in the past.


  1. One benefit of getting older is lessening of my reluctance to cry in front of others. Maybe parents taught us to bottle it up? Maybe it’s part of being introverted? I applaud this poem for its “license” to let tears emerge no matter circumstantial complications. Your 2nd stanza is an aha of sorts – tears do well up from somewhere within! My favorite stanza is the 4th for encouraging “let it flow”.

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