Driving with Miles



Driving with Miles

Rain falls, steady, and I say so what.
Wipers try in vain to keep the beat,
but this combo is too tight.
The bass just layin’ it down,
horn and sax sparring.

There’s a fog rolling through the hills,
tellin’ the rain
hold the ice, this is just too cool.

Bare branches, with pines the only green
in a landscape of white on brown.

Wait! A lone birch like a ghost that knows.
As blue as this feels,
there will be no blue sky.

And that so what refrain slips in
and out.

Narrow roads now,
winding through wet grass
lined with granite and marble.
A memorial among memorials,
some barely legible.
Everything here is blue,

except the pines, white now with big, heavy flakes.
Country roads skirt the mountains,
Snow, now powder, hangs in the air
like a fog. Roads slicker than the music.

Hands tense on the wheel.
Piano eases through me, slowly
levels out, brings me back to the lake,
out there somewhere,
blue asleep within the white.



This is from a reading at Spine Bookstore & Café, St Louis, MO (12 Mar 2023).

Driving with Miles is included in my poetry collection, Glass Awash, published by Spartan Press.

Shared with OpenLinkNight at dVerse ~ Poets Pub.


The Intent of Moonlight and Ethereal Synapses


The Intent of Moonlight and Ethereal Synapses

A haze struggles to dim a light traveling
the distance that binds two bodies.

Our growing world of disconnect, challenged
by invisible connections. Clouds shift,

strain to cast shadows, oblivious to the aura
framing them. Different wavelengths of light,

thoughts conflicting, gelling. Powerless
to impede, branches sway their hips to its pull,

the flow from one chamber to the next echoing
tidal forces, defying the disconnect, absorbing

those wavelengths in a way not imagined
but realized. The embrace of affirmation, a kiss.


This is from a reading at The Gumbo Bottoms Single Pot Still Poetry Society … Gumbo Bottoms Ale House, Jefferson City, MO (09 Jan 2023).

First appearing in easing the edges: a collection of everyday miracles, edited by D Ellis Phelps, The Intent of Moonlight and Ethereal Synapses is now included in my poetry collection, Glass Awash, published by Spartan Press.


Rising River ~ video poem


Rising River

The crash of calamitous
rainfall creates a beast of a river
that batters its banks.

Scoured by trees with trunks
twisted from their frail grasp,
gouged beyond recognition,

swallowed as waters rise,
the shores silently succumb
to a watery wasteland.

We wonder what will be left
when the waters finally recede,
the banks far from their former place.


This is my response to the prompt from Björn at dVerse ~ Poets Pub, Meet the bar with dissonance, where dissonance may add an unsettling emotion that may be crucial to describing unpleasant topics, perhaps by using harsh consonants, breaking up assonance with various vowels, etc.  I’ve decided to use some harsh sounds and an excess of alliteration, as well as what could be an unsettling topic. I returned home from kayaking to find this prompt and thought, hey… why not?

Tear Drops ~ Crown Crapsey


Tear Drops

Tear drops,
when held back,
seep far into the soul,
the well that is deep inside us,

for the moment
when it is essential
that our innermost emotions
be known

Be known,
that expressing
the passion within us
must not be considered shameful,

should we believe
our emotions, when shared,
do not diminish our stature.

easily shed,
and never taken back,
they are always a part of us.
Tear drops

This is my response to MTB: Crowning Crapsey,
the prompt from Laura Bloomsbury at dVerse ~ Poets Pub.

The Crapsey (or American cinquain) is a form of cinquain first written by Adelaide Crapsey. It’s 5 lines are not rhymed, and have a syllable count of 2-4-6-8-2. A Crown Crapsey, then, is a sequence of five cinquain stanzas functioning to construct one larger poem, with each cinquain being a Crapsey. As it happens, my last stanza came to me first.

Shivering Brief(ly) ~ quadrille ~ video poem


Shivering Brief(ly)

The wind blowing across the river
whips my face with a cold spray.
My monthly weather report
and update for those I love complete
and my camera safely stowed,
I turn my red cheeks towards
home, warmth returning
with each stroke of the paddle.

Today was not a typical cold January day. But hey! That’s winter in Missouri!

This poem is my response to Quadrille #144: Shivering, the prompt from Merril at dVerse ~ Poets Pub, which is to use a form of the word shiver in a 44-word poem (excluding title), with no required meter or rhyme.


Brilliantly Blue ~ video poem


Brilliantly Blue

I have found a light,
like an oasis amidst a landscape
that might be confused with darkness.

So brilliant is her light
that the world around her
is dimmed by comparison.

In it is music that stirs my soul,
thoughts that wake my mind from a slumber,
and a passion that echoes my own.

I follow her course intently
as she moves through the landscape before her,
offering assurance that her light will see her
through the shadows that lie in her path.

The warmth of her light offers me hope
of sharing her brilliance
as she emerges from that darkness.

Written/created ten years ago. Still true today

Shared with Open Link LIVE — November Edition at dVerse ~ Poets Pub.

Resolve ~ quadrille ~ video poem


My course at a standstill,
unknown lines define the path
before, behind me.

Unforeseen alternatives
open, close
in all directions.

Pleasure, pain,
potential, all gained,
lost with each turn I take.

With peace of mind
as elusive as resolve,
forward is my only option.

This poem is my response to dVerse – Monday Quadrille – Stand, the prompt from Lisa at dVerse ~ Poets Pub, which is to use a form of the word stand in a 44-word poem, with no required meter or rhyme.

The Shortest Distance ~ video poem

The Shortest Distance

Between two points
there lies an understanding
with a principal purpose

Your safety

Maintaining the proximity
of community through


Respecting my concerns
as I do yours

This was written/created in July 2020 as part of a COVID-19 art anthology/collaboration that failed to materialize. At the time, it voiced my frustration with the public attitude in my area regarding the need for masks as a means to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Six months later, the use of masks in public settings seems to have swung in the opposite direction, but I still see anti-mask stalwarts.

My Video Poem Appears on BCTV

My Video Poem Appears on BCTV

My video poem, “transmission remission,” is featured in the NAP Connection presentation of Spirits of Isolation – January to June 2020, an international exhibition of artwork produced during the Coronavirus Pandemic which was broadcast on 24 June 2020 on BCTV. Mine is the only poem presented and appears at 19:52 of the program, which is 55 minutes in length, but I am just one of the 90 artists featured.

Artists were asked to show how they were surviving during the COVID-19 pandemic through art created from January to June 2020. Hundreds of works of art are seen in the presentation, which includes paintings, sculptures, multimedia art, and photography, with some of the art associated with the lock down and isolation.

My thanks go to Organizers Ron Schira and Lisa Foster for including my poem in this presentation.

NAP Connection is a production of the New Arts Program, Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

BCTV (Berks Community Television) is a public access cable provider in Berks County (Reading), Pennsylvania.

POTUS Ulcerous ~ video poem

POTUS Ulcerous

What is so appealing about this ulcer on the American soul,
this anathema to everything that is great about this country,
that anyone would be willing to encourage it to ooze and fester,
just to see it consume whatever flaws they perceive
to be plaguing our society, even as it sows anger and hatred?
Only when it is excoriated, stripped of all its power,
and removed completely, can there be healing.