Rising River ~ video poem


Rising River

The crash of calamitous
rainfall creates a beast of a river
that batters its banks.

Scoured by trees with trunks
twisted from their frail grasp,
gouged beyond recognition,

swallowed as waters rise,
the shores silently succumb
to a watery wasteland.

We wonder what will be left
when the waters finally recede,
the banks far from their former place.


This is my response to the prompt from Björn at dVerse ~ Poets Pub, Meet the bar with dissonance, where dissonance may add an unsettling emotion that may be crucial to describing unpleasant topics, perhaps by using harsh consonants, breaking up assonance with various vowels, etc.  I’ve decided to use some harsh sounds and an excess of alliteration, as well as what could be an unsettling topic. I returned home from kayaking to find this prompt and thought, hey… why not?

41 thoughts on “Rising River ~ video poem

    • In mid-Missouri, weather has always been up and down in the 10 years I’ve been here. It allows me to get on the water at least once a month, since a 60º or 70º day is bound to occur in January or February. However, even with recent rain, we’re in a prolonged drought. Back in February, that river was so low that at one point, when I headed back upstream, I had to muck my way along the shore carrying my kayak for 150 feet because I made the mistake of going downstream over an area that was too shallow to return.
      And people say that climate change isn’t a thing.
      Thank you, Kerfe.

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      • Analysis shows west is in midst of drought the severity of which hasn’t been seen in 1200 years. And it was cooler back then too. Some experts estimate it would be 60% less severe without anthropogenic factors

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  1. “swallowed as waters rise, the shores silently succumb to a watery wasteland,”.. goodness this is incredibly potent, Ken! Kudos on video poetry!❤️❤️

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