Snack Bar Alchemy

Snack Bar Alchemy

There is no physics, no chemistry in your alchemy,
no sometimes where truth is concerned.
Not now. Never. No silver lining will change that.
Fools, drunk on the belief that gold lies at the end of
your rainbow, would sooner find wealth in a clod of dirt.
With words as filling as a snack bar of deception
flavored with delusion, your sincerity rings hollow.

This is my response to Wordle #552.

sometimes | never | snack | bar | drunk | fools | gold | silver | alchemy | physics | dirt | clod

11 thoughts on “Snack Bar Alchemy

  1. Ah! “Snack bar of delusion” sooo fits what I’m watching a friend do to herself! To muster courage to face change, she’s high on the sweets ignoring rationalities. (I think we all do this from time to time …)

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