early sunset ~ tanka

early sunset
harvest moon rising
dancing leaves
wonderful colors
a treat for the eyes

The first full moon (of two) this October is the harvest moon which typically
appears in late September.  Many places (particularly in the northeast US)
are reporting fall colors weeks ahead of the norm.

This tanka is my response to three different prompts:
Frank Tassone’s #Haikai Challenge #158: Harvest Moon
Carpe Diem – 8th Anniversary asks for a festive haiku or tanka.
Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge
No. 197, #SpecificForm: Tanka
Also shared with Open Link Night #275 at dVerse Poets Pub

Harvest Moon, 01 October 2020,
Full Moon with Missouri’s Capitol, Jefferson City, Missouri – 01 October 2020
The dome is bathed in red light to honor the firefighters
who gave their lives to serve our
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49 thoughts on “early sunset ~ tanka

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    • My particular area has subdued colors – we don’t have a lot of maples. Back in my hometown area in western New York State with all its maples, it’s almost a guarantee. In fact, they started changing 2 weeks early, this year.


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  3. Kudos to all your firefighters – my family is full of firefighters – volunteer and compensated.

    They also work with Hazmat – A gent who has helped one of our children who teaches such classes is going to Russia and will be taking along the local Hazmat patch as a gift to honor Chernobyl.

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