Music to My Weary Bones ~ tanka prose

Music to My Weary Bones

When I bought my house I knew there were a lot of trees on my quarter-acre lot. The first time I raked the leaves, I counted the trees. Forty. Even if eight of them are cedar it still means I have thirty-two trees dropping leaves. Every year. Fortunately, the trees and brush on the lower quarter of my pie-shaped lot are so thick that I don’t consider it to be lawn. Every autumn, for nine years years, I raked leaves into piles, raked them onto a tarp, then carried them downhill, to the giant leaf-compost pile I had fenced off. Then I walked uphill, to load the tarp again. Twenty to thirty times. Fifteen to twenty hours over a couple of weeks. Until now. I finally broke down and bought a gas-powered backpack leaf blower. I worked with ear-protecting headphones, but as I joined my neighbors in blowing leaves I’m sure it sounded like a chorus of screaming banshees to the outside world. All I heard was classical music on Spotify as I blew those leaves downhill.

fall cacophony
blue jay squawks in protest
all sounds are muted
flying leaves in carefree dance
as Vivaldi’s music plays

This tanka prose is my response to Colleen’s #Tanka Tuesday
Weekly #Potery Challenge No. 254, #SpecificForm.

color gone ~ gogyohka

color gone
as night awakens
dim dusk light
crescent moon rises
pale color returns

This gogyohka is my response to Colleen’s #TankaTuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 247, #SynonymsOnly at Word Craft: Prose and Poetry,
using dusk and color for the offered words, twilight and hue.
I suppose you could say it’s a “short-line”tanka, as the syllables are consistent.

Photo: 27 April 2020 (click for larger view in new tab)

Word Weaving – The Moons of Autumn

Three poems I submitted to Word Weaving – A Word Craft Journal of Syllabic Verse appear in its first issue, The Moons of Autumn. A shadorma (Transition), an untitled haiku, and an untitled gogyohka appear with the work of many poets with whom I have become familiar, including Annette Rochelle Aben, Bill Engleson, Franci Hoffman (Eugenia), D. Wallace Peach, Kerfe Roig, Merril D. Smith, and Willow Willers.

My gogyohka also appears on the back cover as “Best of Issue Poem.”

The Moons of Autumn is available in paperback here and in digital form (Kindle) here. Many thanks to editors Colleen Chesebro and JulesPaige for placing my poetry among that of so many fine poets.

Ken G.