When Will I See?

When Will I See?

Different, this distance
in time of sickness. Neighbor
more distant than new moon
beyond my reach.

Within sight again,
soon enough, will it taunt me
with its presence, my neighbor
still out of sight?

This is my second response to Poetics: Now I Can…, from Mish at dVerse PoetsPub.
She offers the haiga shown above, with a quote by Mizuta Masahide,
“Barn’s burnt down, now I can see the moon.”

23 thoughts on “When Will I See?

  1. This one I truly like … human nature to define limits, access options, map it all out. That’s difficult with inadequate light (during a dark moon … during this dark viral blurring of norms we take for granted).
    You raise a good question – when the veil of stay-home orders lifts, will we be more or less embracing of our neighbors? Will we simply rush back to our old scramblings expecting others to take care of their own needs? (I hope a higher sense of brotherhood/community will emerge from this ordeal.)

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  2. ” Neighbor more distant than new moon”…..love this. Hopefully the “moon” enlightens us all. I’m repeating myself from a comment on another’s poem but I think that we have the opportunity for a shift in humanity, if only we take it beyond this pandemic.

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