huddled in darkness ~ senryū

huddled in darkness
overwhelming fear of plague
no comfort in stars

This senryū is my response to Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka Tuesday
#Poetry Challenge No. 170: #ThemePrompt,
where the theme is The Night Sky.

Image source: Yale University Art Gallery – Starry Night, by Jean-François Millet

30 thoughts on “huddled in darkness ~ senryū

  1. Yup! The dark moon is suggested to be a time to release/rest … difficult this cycle to let go anxieties even as I settle in with books to read and other distractions. Our world is in transition and my brain is in agitated anticipation … at least I can be reasonably sure another dark moon will come and maybe by then I’ll be able to release/rest.

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    • I’m pretty sure the tracking of this disease is unprecedented. I’d be the last person to say there should be hysteria, but we need a leader who doesn’t brush this off just because it’s not the flu. “Call me when we have 20,000 deaths.” (paraphrased, of course – the man doesn’t deserve to be quoted)

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      • Let’s hope. Sars is a powerful virus, and Covid-19 has already mutated. The scientists have determined that the disease is naturally occurring. I’m not sure about the part that it came from bats. Considering the avian species is a byproduct of dinosaurs, it sure gives us plenty to think about. The scientists know so little about the disease. Let’s hope they find a cure quickly. Our current government is a bunch of idiots. LOL. But we already knew that. LOL! I’m leaning toward hope because that is all we have. ❤

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