A Dream of Peace

A Dream of Peace

Beyond the horizon, that point
between here and there,
now and then, there is peace.

Freedom from strife,
often imagined, is the norm,
and harmony is enjoyed by all.

Beyond the horizon, the moon
calls to me. I wait for her to cast
her light on that peaceful scene.

This poem is my response to Triplets, the prompt from Frank at dVerse Poets,
calling for poems utilizing tercets.

The next full moon is at 2:12pm CST, 05 June 2020. Clouds are moving in tonight and expected through tomorrow, so I hope to catch a glimpse of the near-full moon tonight. I could use some peaceful moonlight. The top photo is of last month’s full moon.

*The second photo was taken this evening – 99% full – 05 June 2020
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Love’s Light

Love’s Light

moonbeams dance round
your face, mingle with the light
of nebulae swirling within
your eyes to shine on this heart,
a reality this writer struggles
to put into words

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #137 offers three phrases for inspiration:
     1. Writer’s Platform
     2. Writer’s Cave
     3. Writer’s Reality

This also is linked to Open Link Night #267

Image source: © Francesco Batistella via Astronomy Picture of the Day

Somnambulant Questioned

Somnambulant Questioned

While I, the night before determined
not to rise before the sun, wake instead before
the moon sets to read your words. Or do I?

Does light from a screen exist, are motions
of zoom and focus by a somnambulant
real if not documented, captured?

Must I wait until I truly rise to learn
your words do remain, that the moon
kissed the horizon before my eyes?

Or will I wake to find nothing has changed
as I break the skin to peel back in segments
what was only a dream all along?

This poem was inspired by “somnambulant,” by grapeling.

Images: super moon, 5:00am CST, 07 May 2020
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When Will I See?

When Will I See?

Different, this distance
in time of sickness. Neighbor
more distant than new moon
beyond my reach.

Within sight again,
soon enough, will it taunt me
with its presence, my neighbor
still out of sight?

This is my second response to Poetics: Now I Can…, from Mish at dVerse PoetsPub.
She offers the haiga shown above, with a quote by Mizuta Masahide,
“Barn’s burnt down, now I can see the moon.”