Unwelcome Dawn

Unwelcome Dawn

The Dawn, by John La Farge

The dawn would come and with its light
Repair my soul and end this night

Despite my loss, and with it pain
I don’t care to upend this night

But then, there are those close to me
Who say I should suspend this night

They see the darkness over me
Concerned for how I spend this night

Their words may hold a bit of truth
But I still hope to mend this night

So I must look within myself
With hope that I may ken this night

Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge #44: Ghazal, offers The Dawn, by John La Farge, and the theme Dawn, with a prompt to write a ghazal (my first).
Ghazal ~ five or more couplets, the same length, meter not required
~ first couplet same end words; 1 to 3 words in 2nd lines repeated; rhyme – aA bA cA dA eA
~ (optional) internal rhyme in second lines, preceding repeated rhyme
~ possible naming or reference to author in last couplet
Image source: Wikipedia

*A review of this poem shows that is not a true ghazal, due to an error in the first couplet. It has been revised in a post on April 13, 2017.

23 thoughts on “Unwelcome Dawn

    • Hi.
      That would be the same number of syllables. I’ve seen some that are 14 syllables per line. When I tried longer lines, it just seemed to leave the realm of poetry for me, yet others seem to manage it alright. On the other hand, 8 syllables left little room to fit both the internal rhyme and the repeated words.

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  2. You made that look easy! Love the flow, in a really tricky form (or I thought so). It’s good to write something so technical though.

    I have to say, I’m impressed you got your name in there, but then (let’s be brutal) you do have a name that lends itself to that…

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