Words of Love

Words of Love

Witness two lovers, sharing their vows.
There is no instantaneous transformation.
Their love is as true before, as it is after,
yet that moment stands frozen in time,
the depth of their love in the words they choose.
Their truth is a song, and no song
that a bird might sing to its mate
could make this more clear to the world.

In Meet the Bar – Metaphorically Speaking, Björn at dVerse asks us to use metaphor
to expand on something to create something entirely new and unique.

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The prompt for NaPoWriMo.net Day 30 is to write a minimalist poem. I probably write more haiku than anything else, but I’m going to take a different route with this. I’ve taken a poem that I wrote 18 years ago, “The Love You Share,” and changed it, first by rewriting it, then reducing it in stages, until it’s a senryū, and then just one word.

The Love You Share

The moonlight, seen through your lovers eyes,
While holding hands under starry skies.

A gentle whisper that none will hear,
Except the lover that you hold near.

A tear that lies just above your cheek
And dries when you hear your lover speak.

A smile on your lips each time you take
A moment to watch your lover wake.

All this will be yours, for this I know:
The love that you share will make it so.


Born of a Whisper

Looking upon the moon reflected in her eyes,
he is overwhelmed by a flood of emotions.

Leaning closer as he holds her hand,
he strokes her soul with a gentle whisper.

A tear at the corner of her eye is poised
to fall, slowly drying as he speaks.

Born of a whisper, the bond that joins
their hearts is stronger than any word.

Lying beside him now, she smiles softly
as he stirs, reliving that first whisper.

Every time he wakes, her smile and gaze
assure him of the love they share.



a bond is born of a gentle whisper
that strokes her soul

a flood of emotion brings tears
soon dried by the words

echoes stir her emotions
each time she sees him wake

remembering that first whisper



a gentle whisper
strokes her soul,
echoes forever
as a bond is born


gentle whisper
echoes forever
bonding souls



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Always Here in Heart

Always Here in Heart

I am not at home in my place,
yet transplanted by choice.
Such is what the heart will do
to be fulfilled. And it is.

She will always be my muse; has been
since our eyes first met. Many times
the words I write have been
taken from the joy she brings.

I see the birds, am inspired
by cedar and oak, as I walk
along magnificent bluffs, paddle
on muddy rivers and streams.

But they are not the maples
I have known all my life.
Not the blue waters of great lakes,
nor mighty falls with their mist.

Yet happiness is mine, by choice.
One I would repeat again
and again. A choice made clear
when I was there and she was here.

The prompt from Gina for Poetics: your poetic hum asks about your life when you are not writing. How does it influence your writing? I moved from Western New York to mid-Missouri nearly seven years ago to be with someone special, and she is now my wife. I bought a house in October 2013, but it has only just occurred to me that, as much as I miss New York, I do consider Missouri my home.

Image:  Autumn at Ha Ha Tonka State Park, Missouri