the journey ~ found poem

the journey
a gift of love, life, and Mother Nature

to write of hope
of survival, like a flame
to have mattered is a joy

to become a better vessel
letting go of illusions
learning how to say goodbye

tomorrow is an uncertainty,
rebirth an existence beyond this one
more than belief… the Design

brought into manifestation
part of the One, still part of the One
the fruits of our learning

Creation’s understanding
the One is All… separation
through loss or death is illusion

seeing both sides of life
we know how deep love goes
in the end, choosing the way forward

learn from living
even more, dare to dream
love is always enough

This is a found poem. I hesitate to say it is a blackout poem, because I would not dream of blacking out one word from its source. Sue Vincent’s health is failing, and with no way of knowing when her time will have run its course, she has put into words her thoughts on life and what it will mean to be gone. The full body of that message, The Last Post? can be found at The Silent Eye. By no means is my poem meant to be a summation of her words. It is inspired by her message.


26 thoughts on “the journey ~ found poem

  1. It’s a really nice intro to her, Ken! And your links were helpful as I was not familiar with her. And I so wish she could continue much longer in this life, now that I’ve discovered her – she has a lovely generous vibe!
    Your poem is a soothing field of light, dewed with truths – beautiful tribute!

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  2. A beautiful reflection on the life/death mystery we each eventually embrace – one way or another, knowingly or w/o warning. I hope to be as open as Sue when my time of transition approaches. I pay attention to poems like this a lot more since my son’s death which was a wake-up call: there’s no way to predict how long I have left to straighten out my perspectives on what my life is really all about. Thanks for a good “study”.

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    • Thank you, Jazz. Sue’s reflections on what matters in life are shared by many and serve as a reminder of the importance of recognizing those who are important to us while it’s still possible to share that with them when she says, “we can only ever guide faltering footsteps and hold a hand along the way.”

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