Magic of the Oracle ~ magnetic poetry

Magic of the Oracle

The light in a breeze.
The perfume of the stars.
With her many voices,
breathing her soft laugh,
she dazzles as she celebrates.
Always, if we listen.

With help from The Oracle at Magnetic Poetry, this poem
is inspired by Merril Smith’s All the Questions.

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Background image: Wikimedia Commons
Consulting the Oracle, by John William Waterhouse

Tempered Words ~ the magnetism of a prose poem

Ice on the Missouri River – 31 Jan 2019

Usually, when I start a magnetic poem, I let a thought come out of the words as I scan through them. This time, before started I decided I wanted to include river ice, so I used the online Nature Poetry Kit. I stumbled right away and decided the available words, even with the usual magnetic editing, wouldn’t be enough to get me to where my mind was going. So, I just went back to writing, and the result was this prose poem.

Contemplating Ice on a River That Should Not Freeze

Anger takes us nowhere. Talk to me. Do not choke the flow of words, like ice on a river stealing light from the waves. The Niagara is a river that sees little ice, even in the coldest of times. Its few islands are not impediments, instead channeling, giving it direction, the mighty falls no precipice, but a way to gather its strength with rapids that are a celebration rather than a sign of fury. Throughout its journey, its dialogue is one of reason, serenity punctuated with a passion that does not hamper its course. The waves we meet should not impede us, but instead be the life in our journey.

When I was done, I decided to try magnetic poetry again, and this was the result:

Tempered Words

Like ice on a river
stealing light from the waves,
words of anger
bring the chill of darkness,
leading us nowhere.

During the winter months, an ice boom is stretched across the Niagara River at Lake Erie to prevent damage to docks from ice flow along the shore, as well as to prevent blockage of the water intakes for the hydro-power plant near Niagara Falls. The boom is removed when ice coverage of the lake is minimal, usually in early April, when there will be a steady flow of ice for about a week. The photo above (source: is an aerial view of the boom preventing ice flow from Lake Erie into the Niagara River. The images below were taken 30 Jan 2008, after a break in the boom resulted in the river being choked with ice for several days. (click image for new tab/full screen)

water for air ~ magnetic poetry

water for air

roots reaching for the river
know a solace
not found in stone
leaving clouds for another day

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Background image: sycamore tree on a bank of Honey Creek, Missouri
(click image for larger view in new tab)

Knowing the Way ~ Edited

Knowing the Way

Is fate a river
with one course

or a breeze that rustles
our thoughts until we see

the path we’re meant to follow?
Live, and you will learn.

Magnetic poetry is a matter of patience… and manipulation. I posted this earlier, in an abridged form. I omitted the last line I was working on, because I was unable to form the last word. Well, I went back to it, and I found a way.

If you want to try magnetic poetry, you can do it online, here.

Background image: Niagara River Sunset




What is a memory
that cannot be held?

Is there meaning
in absence

as my days grow shorter
and my thoughts slip away?


My memory has always been a wreck. I can hear a story and recognize most of the details, but I can’t always remember those details until I hear them. In the past few years, my short-term memory has been getting worse. Of course, I worry about what that means as I get older.

It was a few years back that I got a handle on ADD. Knew it was there. Pretended it wasn’t. Finally admitted it was, as it got worse. Routine is my primary way of compensating for it, but every once in a while I get one of these “spells” – walking in and out of a room so I can figure out why I’m there; skipping a small step in a process like a recipe; switching from a document to a browser to look something up, then going back to the document to (maybe) figure out what it was I needed. That last one has happened a handful of times in the last week. At times, I might as well be looking at a blank screen. It’s been on my mind, so I’m working on a poem to address it. I took a break to try some magnetic poetry. I guess it was still on my mind.

Ken G.

If you want to try magnetic poetry, you can do it online, here.

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