Weather Doesn’t Wait ~ haibun

Weather Doesn’t Wait

Thirteen times since early May, our weather has flirted with – no, made out with – temperatures of 90ºF or higher here in mid-Missouri. Since the beginning of the year, 83 days have had daily high temperatures that exceeded the normal range, with 4 record high temperatures set. All of this, while waiting for tomorrow’s start of summer.

weather doesn’t wait
for notes on a calendar
waiting for solstice

This is my response to Haibun Monday 6-20-22: Solstice,
the prompt from Frank Tassone at dVerse ~ Poets Pub.

Image: Black Shire Distillery, Hermann, Missouri 19 June 2022

28 thoughts on “Weather Doesn’t Wait ~ haibun

  1. In Yarmouth, Nova Scotia this morning, after packing our bags for the journey home to Vermont (3.5 hours ferry, 8.5 on the road) My Beloved Sandra checked online to see what we were headed for. At 6:20 AM, NOAA reported the temp here in Barton VT as 48F, with a predicted high of 70. What is this “summer” of which thou speaketh?

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  2. The world is heading for annihilation if things carry on as they do. The little person can do only so much, even communities. It’s governments and Big Business that has to back off fossil fuels and lower emmissions.

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  3. I was in Chicago last week when the heat index was life-threatening, and then compounded by a tornado warning, sirens and all.

    gonna be a lot of making out with 90+ and 100+ days this summer ~

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