solitude ~ with audio


fear of conformity
this loneliness
that keeps me from joining in

must minds be alike
to get along?
am i so different?

the same needs
a desire to belong
without judgment

though not requisite
the mind’s obstacle

is that it
the fear of judgment
that holds me back?

fear of failure
to conform
all in my mind

This is my response to Poetics: When it comes to Peer Pressure,
the prompt from Sanaa at dVerse ~ Poets Pub.

13 thoughts on “solitude ~ with audio

  1. Beautifully written and beautifully read – thank you for articulating a prevalent dilemma. Relationships (be they individuals or groups) seem to go through periods of distrust mixed with feeling unaccepted by the other. I know firsthand the sense of “am I so different?” that evolved to “yes, but the difference is the attraction – in both directions”. Alas, not sure that can ever be the case for political parties that work so hard to stay polarized.

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