held firm ~ palinode

held firmheld firm

every moment, consumed
not by memories
by each moment with you
always on my mind
always embraced

 This poem, my first palinode, is in response to MTB: Palinode, the prompt from Grace at dVerse ~ Poets Pub. A palinode or palinody is an ode or song that recants or retracts a view or sentiment to which the poet wrote in a previous poem.

In this case, the original poem is the first poem I posted on WordPress, Grasping, as my first poem for National Poetry Writing Month, on 01 April 2014.

28 thoughts on “held firm ~ palinode

  1. Seems you’ve caught what you thought originally lost? An excellent palinode – not simply reversing the original intent, but denying it. Fantastic stuff.

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  2. This is incredibly potent! I love the idea of embracing moments regardless of them being in “an ever-widening spiral, making their final escape.” 💝💝

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