Wanted: Dishwasher, flexible hours

Wanted: Dishwasher, flexible hours

Dirty DishesWhat’s with the dishes piled in the sink?
You think a little water in them is all it takes?
What does a half-bowl of water do for cereal or sauce
crusted on the rim? Everywhere, actually, since it’s a sink
full of week-old dishes fished out of your room.
You think I keep a chisel under the sink?

Stop storing dirty dishes in your room. Rinse that crap off
and put them in the dishwasher. Yes, that’s what that thing is.
And don’t get me started on the dishwasher. Am I the only one
who loads the silverware back to front, knives down the center?

And those dishes from your room?
You probably want to use the Pots & Pans cycle.
By the way, we’re still missing five forks and three bowls.

This poem is my response to Day 19 at napowrimo.net,
where the challenge is to write a humorous rant.

Ken G.

~ Day 19 ~

Image source: vecteezy.com

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