In Poem Sound and Song ~ with audio

In Poem Sound and Song

MoondanceListening to our shadow on a night picnic,
being visited by words, I dress myself
with raining moonbeams that bring me magic
with dream sense. Giving them our real names,
I sing to the stars of my love for you
with controlled abandon. What’s my image?
Poems and the body, think of them as being here
as one, for poems are alive. These are
the nights you love me most,
full moon me, most mad and moonly.

This poem is my response to Day 18 at, where the challenge is write a poem based on the title of one of the chapters from Susan G. Woolridge’s Poem crazy: Freeing Your Life with Words, from the book’s Table of Contents, found here. I’ve included fifteen of those phrases in my poem so it is nearly a cento.
The chapter titles I have used are:

•   poem sound and song
•   listening to our shadow
•   on a night picnic
•   being visited by words
•   I dress myself with rain
•   bring me magic
•   dream sense
•   our real names
•   controlled abandon
•   what’s my image
•   poems and the body
•   being here
•   poems are alive
•   full moon me
•   most mad and moonly

Dancers silhouette found at

Ken G.

~ Day 18 ~

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