Darkness Dispersed

Poetics – Exploring Gothic as a Literary Genre (Step into the realm with me),
the prompt from Sanaa at dVerse ~ Poets Pub, asks us to write a Gothic poem. I’m not sure I have the capacity for detail that requires. Brief as it is, here’s mine.

Darkness Dispersed

Past, present and future
confined to darkness,
I built a wall,
block upon block
reaching for the heavens.

Yet it refused to rise,
you removing blocks
faster than placed,
so that stars shone
as we embraced.

Image source: pxhere.com

28 thoughts on “Darkness Dispersed

  1. Dark, intimate, and romantic by the last line. I think this is more of two souls captivated by each other’s darkness, thus the act of reaching heaven becoming diminished. However, the narrator still had hoped to rise to it at one point—to not be consumed by the darkness. By the end, it’s an embrace of chaos.

    That is a brilliant comparison, and so true about relationships that can bring out what we try to keep hidden; and perhaps those are the worst parts of ourselves. A beautifully stirring and dark piece. You nailed the Gothic genre down, Ken. This is fantastic.

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  2. Whatever else this may measure up to, it certainly is a love poem. So often what we consider interference is precisely what we’ve been needing all along. Your closing “stars shone as we embraced” settles the score nicely.

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  3. This is absolutely splendid! 💝 The darker the passion, the better .. though there can be times when one has to give more than the other. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt 😀

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