I remind myself it’s still autumn

I remind myself it’s still autumn

The leaves piled against the fence
          and in the driveway
should be reminder enough.
A conspiracy
between this damned hill-of-a-yard
and           my           total           lack           of           energy.
Meanwhile, I wait for answers
from my doctor. Maybe he’ll rake my leaves.

I could say the same thing
next month, for all the snow we get
here in January.           But it’s December.
The tree is decorated, and some of those leaves
just blew into the neighbor’s yard.
I guess I’ll have to listen to
his leaf blower.      Again.

The seasons just roll
one           into           another.
I need to remind myself
I’m still in my autumn.
I haven’t reached my winter.

Call this stream of consciousness.

26 thoughts on “I remind myself it’s still autumn

  1. A thoughtful, reflective stream of consciousness. You seem far from winter, but I hope your doctor has good news. I’ve seen lots of posts about the benefits of not raking leaves. . .even if you do have to listen to your neighbor’s leaf blower.

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  2. This definitely resonates! Seasonally and with regard to age progression … The abundance of leaves piling up is not unlike the many to-dos that I acknowledge but let wait till “later”. I sorta keep the to-dos categorized, organized. Sorta. Some of my piles are toppling over!
    I love autumn for its cooling-off weather … maybe age-wise my need to be in control is “cooling off”?
    Good luck with the doctors, one of the to-dos best not put aside too long.

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    • I always have a to-do list, but my method of prioritizing has evolved over the years. I try to keep everything away from the top of the list.
      Most of my life has been relatively free of health issues. I think I jinxed myself when I openly stated that to a friend a year ago.
      Thanks, Jazz.

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    • Thank you, David.
      And thank you for your concern. It turns out that (extreme) iron deficiency anemia may be the reason for my windedness in the past few months. My doctor put me on an iron supplement and scheduled an endoscopy and a colonoscopy to rule out internal bleeding. The endoscopy showed I have acid reflux (asymptomatic, so who knew?) and the colonoscopy is next week. Meanwhile, I’ve read that iron supplements can cause acid reflux.
      These issues may be vexing, but they’re minor in the grand scheme of things.


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