A Spoonful of Donald ~ with audio

A Spoonful of Donald
(Trumps the Virus Goin’ Round)

Far from desirous
Worldwide, people fall like flies
Ignore fake news – Ignore those lies

It’s not too late
Be like me – I’m so great
Don’t let COVID dominate

Big Pharma aiming for the moon
COVID cure can’t come too soon

Emphatic denials
Who needs drug trials
Presidential immunity
Be like me – I’ll set you free

Two words, “eradication” and “medication,” in a comment by Kim
on Ron Lavalette’s prosery (The Determining Factor) inspired this poem.

Shared with OpenLinkNight #276

Top: Washington Post (© Steve Breen/San Diego Union Tribune)
Bottom: newsday.com (© Dave Granlund)

38 thoughts on “A Spoonful of Donald ~ with audio

  1. A cosmic joke, a kharmic harbinger, an idiot on a golden toilet, a sexist with a reduced libido, an amateur who has never become anything…your lyrical ballad is bang-on.

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  2. It’s revolting that he can’t show even the tiniest bit of empathy for either the dead, or the recovered, and their families and friends. Lives have been upended by this disease and he can only encourage people not to protect themselves and everyone else, and pretend that it’s “nothing”. I suspect he’s still pretty drugged up, but even if he is not, there is no excuse for that behavior. (K)

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  3. The way this person makes me feel is the same way I felt with a terrible case of poison ivy. The more you scratch at it the worse it gets. The next month will be a circus that I hope leaves town — back to hell, where it belongs.

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  4. kaykuala
    Big Pharma aiming for the moon
    COVID cure can’t come too soon

    Great thoughts Ken! Does it mean he has discovered the vaccine and used it and now already been cured. This rightly shows his old self propagating lies again.


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