Making America Gangrenous Again ~ haibun

Making America Gangrenous Again

In a sane world, in a country that prides itself on being a land of equality, however slow the path there may be; in a country that stands up for the rights of its citizens, however misguided that application may be; in a country that holds freedom of speech as a basic tenet, with the understanding that one’s words must be weighed against the protection of its citizens, the rationale indigenous to human beings in modern society might cause one to think it unimaginable that the leader of such a nation would open his arms to supporters of his bid for re-election willing to air a doctored video showing him shooting and injuring media representatives and political rivals, but it must be remembered that sanity and civil responsibility are not the norm in Trump World. The words and misrepresentations of that leader are the reason supporters believe such behavior is acceptable and nothing more than satire.

a sincere condemnation
nation holds its breath
personal press conference
too much to expect from him

Subsequently removed, the video was shown on this post
defending its satirical worth. The image shown above is from that video.

With apologies for not staying with the theme, this Columbus Day, of recognizing those who have suffered from the moment any part of this land was claimed in the name of European sovereignty and further through Manifest Destiny, the indigenous peoples of America, this is my response to Haibun Monday 10/12/19: Indigenous .

Total Cleansing ~ prosery

Total Cleansing

Remember when you felt good about yourself, a time when you had no doubts about your abilities, your value to others, or the value of those around you? That part of you is not lost. It lives within you, still, and the time has come for you to recognize that.

Take a moment to breathe. In. Out. Slowly. Now, think about who you are, who you can be. The negative energy that has been feeding into you has poisoned your mind, masking who were. Let it wash away from you so that you may remember who you have been, recognize who you really are, and you will love again the stranger who was yourself.

Remember all of this as you enter the polling place with a clear conscience, determined to remove that toxic presence from the Oval Office. Don’t let yourself be fooled again.

This bit of flash fiction is my response to Prosery #3: Love After Love, presented by Kim at dVerse. With Prosery, the challenge is to write a piece of flash fiction with a 144-word limit. Included in the bit of prose is to be a complete line from a poem. For Prosery #3, the line to be included is “You will love again the stranger who was yourself” from Derek Walcott’s “Love After Love.” My flash fiction also meets the additional challenge of hitting the 144-word mark, exactly.

Image source: Tulsa World (Bruce Plante)

Remembering Air Force Won

Remembering Air Force Won

Teleprompter on the fritz?
No problem! After all, you’re a president
with a very, very large brain.

Just ad lib. Name the army after George Washington.
Praise revolutionary patriots for taking over the airports.
After all, it’s only history.

And you’re (re)creating it every day.

Trump blames teleprompter for Revolutionary War ‘airports’ flub

President Trump cites China’s respect for his ‘very, very large brain’

You Know I’m Right ~ quadrille

You Know I’m Right

Look it up, and see
if you don’t agree. We may
see what we want to see,
but there’s no denying
the truth is there. Where
would we be if facts were
lies, lies were facts,
and the President lived
in the Black House?

This is my response to Quadrille #79: Up with Poems, People,
the prompt from De Jackson at dVerse, which is to use the word up in a quadrille,
a 44-word poem that does not require meter or rhyme.
Image source: (edited here)

The Gospel According to Donald

The Gospel According to Donald

Where is the sanity, amidst
all the vanity, within
that white house?

Should we assume
all the doom and gloom
it predicts will come to pass?

There’s nothing great about
a nation centered
on paranoia,

or a leader
who bloviates only
to satiate his need for attention,

not to mention an obvious penchant
for lying when faced
with reality.

What of the sheep
who willingly swallow
his hubris and hatred as gospel?

The prompt for Day Two of NaPoWriMo is to write a poem that invites the reader to continue the process of reading even after the poem ends, by closing with a question.

© Chan Lowe
© Garry Trudeau / Doonesbury