The Advantage of Height ~ haibun

The Advantage of Height

While kayaking three weeks ago, I was able to take photos of some Great Horned Owls, a parent and two hatchlings. I returned yesterday, and the fledglings are much bigger. Left to themselves while the adult was off hunting, both birds watched intently as I sat below, taking photos. As a hazy morning gave way to blue skies, several small fishing boats passed by, their owners more intent on what lay below.

high above the stream
ever watchful in their nest
young owls looking down
fishermen pass, unaware
as they drift with the current

(click images to see larger view in new tab)

Ken G.

30 thoughts on “The Advantage of Height ~ haibun

  1. Not only good eyes, you have the patience to observe and absorb what’s more than 3 feet from you. Cool to ponder the owls’ focus on you – was it fixed or sporadic, fascination or ho-hum-too-big-to-eat? (Do they even see all that well in bright light?)
    Nice contrast between upward and downward focus.

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