A Heart Must Have a Home


A Heart Must Have a Home

And mine was adrift.
Nearly deflated, its only strength
the loving tendrils of hearts
venturing on their own,
where does a heart go,
where does it look
when it has been untethered?

Did I know that I would see
another heart as adrift as mine,
or that mine would be seen as well?
Who could know these hearts
would find happiness and be joined?

This heart still feels the loving touch
of those distant tendrils,
yet finds love in its new home.

This is my response to the NaPoWriMo.net Day 11 prompt, which is to write a poem of origin. And having come from there, where are we now? … My children are always central to me, but when I found myself recently-single, and they on their own, my heart knew what it wanted. That meant a long distance move, but we are always in touch, and my heart is happy.

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