Safe Mode ~ video poem

Safe Mode



Expressions of a heart
                    a mind
          a soul


Until they coalesce
find their way to a page
          a screen

No longer read only from memory

Yet not all see the light of day

written in safe mode

Painting by Ron Schira ~ Safe Mode #36

17 thoughts on “Safe Mode ~ video poem

  1. Very effective emphasis on layers …
    and there are layers of safety taken with poems – to reveal to anyone or not? to make public or not? to rip to shreds upon completion, burn in ceremony, hide between journal pages …
    I have a book’s worth of highly personal poetry that I’ve (thus far) chosen to keep “safe”. Other poems once “kept safe” have been shifted into share mode.
    “Safe” is relative – if physically saved, it’s not all that safe from future eyes.

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    • Thank you, Jazz.
      For a time, there were many times when I deflected questions regarding a poem – “Why can’t I imagine what someone in that situation might think?” – when, in hindsight, there was no imagining.

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