Darkness Released

Darkness Released

Jackson Pollock, untitled (1941)

Inner turmoil long restrained,
draining all strength,
seeks an outlet.

Understanding, born
of disaffection,
finds direction.

Vision, a product of light,
rises from darkness,
no longer contained.

even in the light,
is still darkness.

With Guess That Art III, Ronovan asks us to write a poem inspired by a painting, artist and title unnamed. Coincidentally, the night before the prompt, I finished reading the autobiography of Thomas Hart Benton, in which a late chapter (added in a later revision) discussed this artist, Jackson Pollock. It prompted me to look for examples of his work. I was surprised by this piece, untitled (1941), and a few others as they are not the sort of work I associated with him.

Image source: wikiart.org

15 thoughts on “Darkness Released

  1. Poem and painting work well together … giving me a sense of stepping from middle of tangled dark drapes to the edge, peering into light, perhaps (or not) able to step clear of the dark mass … yet in no way is the darkness dissipated; it remains, with a sort of magnetic draw luring one back from the light …
    All in all, could we appreciate light if we did not know darkness?
    (I like this image – a bit like the tangled dead crinum leaves I’ve just pulled away from fresh growth, letting light enter the clump at ground level.)

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    • Thank you.
      I saw this as a creeping advance of a tangible darkness, though I must say I prefer the thought of stepping out of darkness.
      And I like knowing that we can look at art and see it as echoing or mirroring real life situations, such as old growth giving way to new.

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