Always in Megan’s Orbit

Always in  Megan’s Orbit

Four years, now.
Two more, and the time
I’ve missed you
will begin to eclipse
the time I shared with you.

You loved walks at any time,
autumn, summer, spring,
but you were already entering
your winter when I met you,
and soon a short walk
was followed by a long nap.

Leaping high for snow
pushed off the deck
became more of a bound,
and jumping at raked leaves
might bring a fall on the hip
that had plagued you
most of your life.

Border collie to the end,
you brought me into your fold,
and I’m better for the love
found there. Nothing will eclipse that.

This is my response to Day 17 at,
where we are asked to write a dog-inspired poem.

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23 thoughts on “Always in Megan’s Orbit

  1. A wonderful and sweet attachment memory dump, Ken. I wrote also about my Beagle dog, Adi. She died in 2012 and my other active blog, like yours, is full of “my dog” posts.
    p.s. I’m Jim1Jim1 on the NaPoWriMo site.

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