Last Sunset

Last Sunset

Solace_aI’ve heard stories
from a time before
you had nine years
behind you.

Hanging with your pack
when teen LAN
parties were the norm.

Motorcycles that sped
by, barely outrunning you
as you tried to herd them.

Last Sunset_2

That photo of you caught
red-pawed on the dining room
table, butter dish licked clean.

My own stories came
when you were slowly
slowing down. Less adventure,
but I know you enjoyed
my company, as if you knew
I traveled nine hundred miles
to meet you.

Last Sunset_aNeighborhood walks,
when no alpha went

The way your eyes lit up,
your tail wagged,
when your Jujube visited.

Popcorn nights
on sci-fi Friday.

Avoiding hills
and the suffering
they delivered to your hips.

Your determination
to be a border collie.

Saying goodbye.

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