Bittersweet Sorrow ~ with audio


Bittersweet Sorrow

This grief that is mine,
that has been mine these many years,
that has plagued me with its persistence,
has lost its bitterness. Bittersweet perhaps,
though never bringing the pleasure
of a cherry that is savored in spite of
its tartness. It still delivers a chill, yet
keeps me warm with the memories
that it stirs. It is those that I savor.

This poem is my response to Poetics: Always in Season, the prompt from Mish at dVerse ~ Poets Pub, which offers three options. Mine is in regards to writing “about an emotion or abstract concept,” is to “an emotion or abstract concept. What does it taste like?”

Apologies, for continuing in the vein of yesterday’s response to dVerse. While that one was difficult for me, I was able to write this in a more objective manner.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons


36 thoughts on “Bittersweet Sorrow ~ with audio

  1. I can appreciate the emphasis on “your” grief. it is such a sacred, personal experience. You’ve really captured the contrasts and how our grief changes without truly changing. A hard concept to express.

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    • Thank you. I don’t know that grief is a singularity — I think it’s awakened with each new loss, even communally — but I agree that “mine” was needed here to signify its weight and importance to me.
      Thank you for the prompt, Mish.


  2. So aptly describes the lingering tart bitterness of the loss, and the warm comfort of the memories. As years pass, the bitterness seems to lessen and the comfort to grow.

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