From a Meadow

From a Meadow

edged with bay trees
and madrones, past mighty oaks.
Into the heart of the redwoods,

past stone outcroppings
covered in moss, on a carpet
of age-old needles.


Who would speak above a whisper,
when The Land whispers
in a voice heard by poets?

Cazadero, that expansive house
of nature. Each meadow or glade
a room. The air of redwood

and fir a cathedral of contemplation.
Who could pass through here
and not become a poet?

This is my response to Poetics: Make some room, from Laura at dVerse Poets Pub, with the prompt to “conjure a room in the literal, functional, metaphorical, imaginary and/or fantastical sense.”

The poem is derived from one of my earliest poems here, at WordPress, Cazadero Whisper. Margaret Fabrizio has been the sole steward of The Cazadero Nature and Art Conservancy in Sonoma County since she acquired those 40 acres in 1986, retaining the natural setting while introducing art installations throughout the forest and meadows of The Land. My other Cazadero poems can be found here.


42 thoughts on “From a Meadow

  1. Cazadero looks like it would be a neat place to visit. I looked at some of the installations. The ones with “rock and leaves” and “rock and tile” would be easy to do in a yard/garden to great effect. Your poem is like a song, a lovely one.

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  2. Now that’s my kind of room. I recently read an advertisement for a very up-scale home. The entry was called the Welcome Room, the garage was called the Motor Room and so on. We lose touch with the forest glades, do we not?

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  3. Beautiful post, and definitely captures the “room” concept. Makes me want to head west! But today we head east … Arkansas for a while … not too far from home to come back if either of us get sick. (We’ll still be isolating, in the Airstream in remote campsite instead of the house in suburbia.)

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