Moving Forward

Moving Forward

Those wheels of black that propelled me
down the road, away
from a past grown dark,
offered a deliverance that brought
light and the promise of love realized.

This poem is my response to dVerse Poetics: On Shades of Black,
from Anmol at dVerse – Poets Pub.
Seven years have passed since I moved from Western New York to Central Missouri.

21 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. “wheels of black” conveys negative connotations … but I have to chuckle, as the truck we bought to pull the Airstream is … well, black. We’d discussed color and agreed: anything but black. But then … the best deal was very black, now affectionately called Blackie.
    Your closing 2 lines bring more smiles. Interesting how we are “propelled” into life changes.

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  2. Smiling I am…..and apologizing for the late late read on this prompt! BUT — smiling at the thought of the automobile’s power to whisk us away sometimes. So many thoughts here from this short write….my father’s car was his most prized possession and the family car ride on Sunday afternoons, a tradition. Then I think of a young boy I dated in high school who had his own “wheels” and that was the essence of cool. And how I age myself with these comments but, none-the-less, the smiling from reading your post continues! 🙂

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    • Thank you, Lillian. So true, about being whisked away. Just like that, a weekend – two days like any other – are transformed by a visit to relatives, a camping trip, lazy days on the beach.


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