The Time of Our Lives

The Time of Our Lives

Hours spent filling a need
erasing distance
with face time
caught in a net

Embracing at the station
prelude to jazz in the park
and a rendezvous on the lake
Chicago, our special place

Nine hundred miles
driven to you, then back
a December weekend
far too short

A winter retreat
with bed and breakfast
served with a flair amongst
Finger Lakes and wine

Mile after mile
counting the miles
erasing the miles
the final nine hundred miles

Finding a home
making a home
no longer alone
our home together

Each but a moment
in the time of our lives

This is my response to Jane Dougherty’s Last Poetry Challenge of 2015: Sayings
~ a theme poem using a familiar saying.  The phrase I chose is “the time of our lives”

Image: Jay Pritzker Music Pavilion at Millennium Park, Chicago

15 thoughts on “The Time of Our Lives

  1. Beautiful and a deep and nuanced take on the saying that would push one to dwell on a time and place when everything was rainbows and gumdrops (at least through the lens of nostalgia). The richness of a relationship is in part a result of the struggles and less-than-pleasant moments (if only to remind how special the relationship is. Happy 2016.

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