Uncertainty ~ magnetic poetry



What is a memory
that cannot be held?

Is there meaning
in absence

as my days grow shorter
and my thoughts slip away?


My memory has always been a wreck. I can hear a story and recognize most of the details, but I can’t always remember those details until I hear them. In the past few years, my short-term memory has been getting worse. Of course, I worry about what that means as I get older.

It was a few years back that I got a handle on ADD. Knew it was there. Pretended it wasn’t. Finally admitted it was, as it got worse. Routine is my primary way of compensating for it, but every once in a while I get one of these “spells” – walking in and out of a room so I can figure out why I’m there; skipping a small step in a process like a recipe; switching from a document to a browser to look something up, then going back to the document to (maybe) figure out what it was I needed. That last one has happened a handful of times in the last week. At times, I might as well be looking at a blank screen. It’s been on my mind, so I’m working on a poem to address it. I took a break to try some magnetic poetry. I guess it was still on my mind.

Ken G.

If you want to try magnetic poetry, you can do it online, here.

Image source: pixabay.com


15 thoughts on “Uncertainty ~ magnetic poetry

  1. Uncertainty always prevails – I prefer being of an age that I recognize I don’t really know what’s coming (vs. those younger years when I thought I had the power to finagle whatever I wanted). But there are levels of uncertainty that do make me frantic … and you called a few of them out. I’ve been looking for several days for a poem I remember the last stanza of, written in the past 3 or 4 months, and NOT filed in the normal manner. Makes me crazy! I have a clear memory of sitting at the computer, typing it … changing that last stanza … and NO memory of it’s title, or where I might’ve misfiled it…
    I like the poem here … look forward to the one you’re still working on.

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  2. It seems the Oracle knows all about you, too! 🙂
    Wonderful poem.
    I imagine that if you have ADD, then remembering can be extra tricky, especially when there is so much more to remember as an adult. And so many more devices, social media, etc.–it makes focusing more difficult.

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    • Thank you, Merril.
      It’s about hyper-focusing, as much as anything – scuba, running & vlogging in the past – to the exclusion of other things, putting them off at times. Which then plays into procrastination.
      As Jazz suggests, poetry has become my latest “shiny thing.” I’m okay with that. I can stop what I’m doing to write something down, then get back to what I should be doing. Most of the time!
      I do find it frustrating though, that, before I can fully flesh out a poem, I’ll get another idea and get to work on that – which helps explain why most of my poems are fairly brief.

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  3. Just be careful with online MP… a few years back it let a virus in on my pc. It was the only thing I was going to with regularity at the time that was ‘out there’. I ended up getting some kits from a local book store. But the restrictiveness is almost worse than forgetfulness.

    I’ve seen my elders with various degrees of forgetfulness. Some still in their 90’s and living independently.
    Others needed more assistance (refusing to live closer to family). I haven’t been much of a list maker.
    But maybe that would help you. Before you go looking for something, pen it / pin it down. Then go have fun looking.

    Keep to your safe routines but also enjoy life.

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