Celestial Bodies

Freya Pickard featured my haiku, Jovian blemish, on June 16th, for the theme Celestial Bodies at Pure Haiku. It appears here, along with another four haiku written at the same time.

Silent Canyons_a

Celestial Bodies

Jovian blemish
mysterious formation
JunoCam target


floating, arms open
at one with vast emptiness
drifting, accepting


signals from afar
interstellar messages
timeless history


probing the heavens
seeking distant signs of life
discoveries wait


diamonds in the night
dust held in a million motes
wealth in the heavens

Image source: Astronomy Picture of the Day, and credited to NASA, JPL-CalTech, SwRI, MSSS, processed by Rick Lundh

For Love of Words

For Love of Words

For Love of WordsI do not refuse words
that come to me unbidden,
like the light of distant stars

when seen through bent mirrors,
for those whispered thoughts,
begging to be arrayed upon the page,

remind me what can be
revealed when I consider
the world in a different light.

Inspired by “On Love” by Peter Notehelfer at Gathering Stones Strung on Threads.

Image source: Astronomy Picture of the Day (ESA/Hubble & NASA)
(Horseshoe Einstein Ring – light of a distant blue galaxy bent by the gravity of a nearer red galaxy)

Last Waltz

Last Waltz

The Longest Sigh

In the winter of my life,
when stars have danced
and taken light
that would be mine
if only I had dared to dance,
then, skyward,
would I dare to glance
for answers and another
chance, to find it was
too late? For what are stars
that they should wait and not
perform another dance?

Not a pantoum, but inspired by Merril’s pantoum in response to the optional prompt for Day Twenty-two of National/Global Poetry Writing Month – to write a poem in which the impossible thing happens, from a choice of given statements, and this one was:
                    “The stars cannot rearrange themselves in the sky.”

Image source: Astronomy Picture of the Day
(NGC 3344, from ESA/Hubble and NASA)

NaPoWriMo 2018