Unknown Horizon ~ quadrille

Unknown Horizon

I once thought it was the separation
of distance that magnifies
this richness I find in family.
Now I understand it is age,
with reflections on the past
replaced by a wistfulness
for future lives I will never know,
as they continue without me.

This is my response for Quadrille #80 – Eat the Rich, the prompt from Kim at dVerse, which is to use the word rich in a 44-word poem that does not require meter or rhyme.

Acceptance ~ with audio


All of life is change. To deny so
is a mistake too often made.
We recognize growth in our children.

Why not so in ourselves?
Opportunities arise. Tragedy strikes.
Each has the potential to affect our attitudes,

our outlook on life, those effects
trickling down so that we are not
as we once were, who we once were.

I have not embraced my change, and stumbled,
recovery coming only after acknowledging
that the product of that change is who I have become.

The prompt for NaPoWriMo.net Day 29 is to write “a poem that meditates on an emotion you have felt powerfully.” As suggested, I’ve opened with a declarative statement.

Home ~ video poem


This place is like no other
I make of it what it is
Mind and spirit
No effort too big
No element too small
It is mine, and it is home

Kerfe got me to thinking about robins, so I watched this one for an hour this morning, as it it gathered grass for a nest. And so, this poem. (Off prompt for Day 26 of NaPoWriMo.)

Photo: American Robin (screenshot from video)

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Letting Go ~ haibun

Letting Go

I see it daily, that rent along a cedar branch waiting to fall forty feet to the ground. Months have passed since a heavy snow tore the limb from its roots, a cardinal that frequents it a reminder that life goes on. There it hangs, framed in a pane above my laptop, waiting for me to write something, like tearing down the ghost of a memory of nothing good, long out of sight and begging to just let it die.

releasing the past
resolutely moving on
without looking back

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Nothing Worth Keeping ~ list poem


Nothing Worth Keeping

Five years after our dissolution,

(Isn’t that an odd word for the solution
that ended our original solution
of lifelong companionship?)

I found a box of papers
I had not troubled to sort.

Nothing of consequence in a summons for jury duty.
Nothing of importance in a nine-year old tax return.
Nothing of significance in a lab report.
Nothing done in a To Do list.
Nothing of merit in a receipt for an oil and lube.
Nothing to write home about in a love poem.
Nothing left to buy in a grocery list.
Nothing of good taste in an ad for home décor.
Nothing of value in a quit claim deed.
Nothing to our credit in a bank statement.
Nothing about a bad connection in a cable bill.
Nothing to show for an expired warranty.
Nothing in the eyes of two people posing
for a vacation photo that hinted at the final solution.
Nothing that lasts forever.

The prompt for NaPoWriMo.net Day 16 is “to write a poem that uses the form of a list to defamiliarize the mundane.”

A Heart Must Have a Home


A Heart Must Have a Home

And mine was adrift.
Nearly deflated, its only strength
the loving tendrils of hearts
venturing on their own,
where does a heart go,
where does it look
when it has been untethered?

Did I know that I would see
another heart as adrift as mine,
or that mine would be seen as well?
Who could know these hearts
would find happiness and be joined?

This heart still feels the loving touch
of those distant tendrils,
yet finds love in its new home.

This is my response to the NaPoWriMo.net Day 11 prompt, which is to write a poem of origin. And having come from there, where are we now? … My children are always central to me, but when I found myself recently-single, and they on their own, my heart knew what it wanted. That meant a long distance move, but we are always in touch, and my heart is happy.

Images compiled from three sources