Thoughts Never Shared

Thoughts Never Shared

Thoughts Never Shared

No hourglass will hold the sand that sifts
through my fingers at this moment.
As I stand here, my thoughts
are of the present we could have had.

Walks on the shore.
The shells we would take
as mementos. Your favorite
dish with linguine, you scoffing
at any choice that has shells or rotini.
Laughter, as we share a private joke.
Talk of our future, our eyes locked,
communicating in unspoken words.

The ether holds my closest connection
to you now, your name mere pixels
before my eyes, never fully in focus.
Messages never sent languish,
familiar only to me.

I place one message in a bottle,
turn to the shore behind me, and cast it
into the future we’ll never have. I turn back
to gaze into the desert before me.

This poem is my response to Day 4 at, where the prompt is to use a photo from @SpaceLiminalBot for inspiration. I chose the above image, also seen here.

Per “liminal,” in other words – a place or sensation that exists at or on both sides of a boundary or threshold, neither one thing or the other, but something betwixt and between.

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~ Day 4 ~

900 Miles

900 Miles

90, 271, 71, 70

There is logic in that progression.
There to here, a direct route.

But it was not logic that drove me.
It was love that brought me down those roads.
Logic would have asked, “Why?”

Leave behind all I’d come to know in my life?
But what would life be without you?
And so, I chose this road rather than a life of regret.
I chose you, and that made all the difference.

This poem is my response to Day Two at, where the prompt, inspired by the Robert Frost poem “The Road Not Taken,” is to “write a poem about your own road not taken – about a choice of yours that has ‘made all the difference’ and what might have happened had you made a different choice.” In 2012, I followed my heart and moved from New York to Missouri.

~ Day 2 ~

Productive Reality ~ ekphrastic poem ~ with audio


Productive Reality

Productive RealityExpand your mind. Suspend
disbelief and bring relief. Seize
that fine line between yesterday
and tomorrow. This moment,
any moment, is yours to uncover.
Whatever you find, wherever
you find it, you’ll still be here
when you get there; always
be there, even when you return.

The deeper you go the more
you’ll know. With no load
to carry, the world is in your hands.
Experience sonic expansion.
More than memory, the mansion
of your mind is a palace, no less
than the world that surrounds you.
More than you know,
and more than that, awaits you.

This ekphrastic poem is my response to Day One at, where the prompt is to write a poem inspired by the animated version of “Seductive Fantasy”, by The Sun Ra Arkestra.

NaPoWriMo 2021

~ Day 1 ~

Also shared with OH MY! It’s April Fools’ Day!
(or Open Link Night) at dVerse ~ Poets Pub.

moon no longer full ~ senryū

moon no longer full
there is less light in the world
when a friend passes

This senryū is my response to Colleen Cheseboro’s #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge #219: #specificform, which asks that we write a haiku or tanka on any subject. While mortality has been an occasional subject in my poetry over the years, it seemed to become more of a recurring theme once I reached Medicare age, three years ago. What can I say? People around me are getting older. I’m getting older.

Wikimedia Commons – Heron at New Moon, by Ohara Koson
Waning gibbous moon, Jefferson City Missouri, 01 April 2021

This will serve as my poem for Day 1 of National/Global Poetry Writing Month,
in case I don’t meet the challenge at

NaPoWriMo 2021

~ Day 1 ~

Friendship ~ for Sue



Joy, like a flame
A gift of enlightenment
The warmth of intrinsic value
Closer than the far horizon
Saying goodbye

One aspect of my discovery of the community of poets at WordPress is the connections I feel I’ve made. While we cannot completely know all of the thoughts of those who are miles away and of whom we’ve never met, I think it’s possible to understand them through their poetry and to share that connection. Sue Vincent has been one of those connections. Sue has been much more than a poet, but there is poetry in everything she has written. She has weighed heavily on my mind since she told us of her grave illness, nearly six months ago. Since then, I have written four poems with her in mind, and I’ve culled some words from those poems to create this poem.

She will be missed. If you read anything of Sue’s, please read this.

Photo courtesy of Helen Jones.

That Final Destination

That Final Destination

That Final Destination

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The beauty held in the far horizon
cannot be gauged until it is experienced.
There is no chill in the unknowing,
only an awareness of heights scaled
and heights waiting to be achieved,
the warmth of their intrinsic value.

Light or dark, each moment
along the way brings me closer
to enlightenment, the hindsight
to reveal the gift within each moment,
in that moment when all fog is lifted.

This poem, with 99 syllables, is a response to a challenge at The Carrot Ranch, which was to write prose of 99 words or a poem of 99 syllables, inspired by the provided photo (above). Although I inadvertently submitted an earlier draft of 98 syllables, the challenge was for a worthy cause, which was to raise funds to assist Sue Vincent with expenses incurred as she struggles with her illness. The entire collection of responses can be found here.

wrestlution ~ quadrille


I walk these paths
life’s threads
never simple, often tangled
beyond recognition

finding what matters
most, resolution
no simple matter

getting here filled with vexations
complications, estimations
taking stock of situations
convoluted permutations
constant need of calibration
causing me consternation

I wrestle with knots

This poem is my response to Quadrille #124, the prompt from Mish at dVerse ~ Poets Pub, which is to use a form of the word knot in a 44-word poem, with no required meter or rhyme.

Image source:



This human being is a vessel unlike any other,
for no two vessels are the same. Some hold
shame, and others flow with pride
unstopped. Some know a joy that overflows,
while others hold only sadness. This vessel
holds each, balanced in a way that defines it.

This poem is my response to Poetics: The Art of Being Human, the prompt
from Kim at dVerse ~ Poets Pub, with the prompt to write a poem that opens with
This being human is…” and explores what it is to be human.

Image source: depositphotos (amphora)

Discerning Shadow

Discerning Shadow

This fine line I walk,
contentment to one side,
to the other a darkness
that would deny any comfort,
is the path I have chosen.

This most delicate balance,
holds an edge of uncertainty,
for the darkness casts its shadow
across that line. Otherwise,
it is revealed as the shadow.

I shun that darkness, yet
one cannot be had without
the other. They are as one.
Had I known, would I
have chosen this path?

This poem is my response to dVerse – Poetics – Edges & Fringes, the prompt
from Lisa at dVerse ~ Poets Pub. I have chosen the first of the four options offered:

1. Write a poem using the word edge;

Image source: Shutterstock (edited here)

the journey ~ found poem

the journey
a gift of love, life, and Mother Nature

to write of hope
of survival, like a flame
to have mattered is a joy

to become a better vessel
letting go of illusions
learning how to say goodbye

tomorrow is an uncertainty,
rebirth an existence beyond this one
more than belief… the Design

brought into manifestation
part of the One, still part of the One
the fruits of our learning

Creation’s understanding
the One is All… separation
through loss or death is illusion

seeing both sides of life
we know how deep love goes
in the end, choosing the way forward

learn from living
even more, dare to dream
love is always enough

This is a found poem. I hesitate to say it is a blackout poem, because I would not dream of blacking out one word from its source. Sue Vincent’s health is failing, and with no way of knowing when her time will have run its course, she has put into words her thoughts on life and what it will mean to be gone. The full body of that message, The Last Post? can be found at The Silent Eye. By no means is my poem meant to be a summation of her words. It is inspired by her message.