Distant Karma ~ senryū

Distant Karma

man’s exploration
far beyond the open seas
here there be dragons

seeking new conquests
as native populations
receive no respect

never satisfied
population explosion
while raping nature

resources wasted
expansion to the planets
looking for relief

interstellar space flight
to discover new life forms
let there be dragons

The prompt for Poetics: Haiku Sequence, from Frank at dVerse ~ poets Pub, is to write a series of haiku that have a theme or unifying framework. There are no seasonal references here, so call this a senryū sequence.

Wikimedia Commons (map)
Astronomy Picture of the Day – Dragons of Ara, © Ariel L. Cappalletti


one poem a day ~ senryū

one poem a day
without internet access
poet’s frustration

Bandwidth issues today meant more time battling technology than reading or writing.
At least it gave me a senryū.

Today is Day 5 of National/Global Poetry Writing Month.
While this poem is off-prompt, but I’m sharing it at napowrimo.net.