A Wall I Cannot Scale ~ #writephoto


A Wall I Cannot Scale

Where once it was possible
to breach the wall that has grown
between us, it has become ever darker
within, so that not even the light of day
can reach you. Here, there is life.
I hear robins and sparrows. What birds
call to you, and would they want to
be in such darkness? Would I want to
open a door that is now forever closed?

This is my response to Thursday Photo Prompt: Forgotten #writephoto
at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo, with her photo (edited here).
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What Remains – #writephoto

What Remains

What Remains_1See me now as I am and know
that mine is not a sad story.

My life could be held
in a feather, seemingly

insignificant, but with countless
strands holding both troubled times

and the promise delivered
What Remains_2by blue skies. Dipped in ink

to spill its tales, or carried on the wind
to those who have known me,

it speaks of a life lived.
See me now and know me.

This is my response to Thursday Photo Prompt: Remains #writephoto, from Sue Vincent at Daily Echo.  Sue has provided two photos for this week’s prompt.




Moons will set, boughs
remind us of lost traces
scattered by the winds,
and you will know
your time has come.

The seasons wait for no one.


This is my response to Jane Dougherty’s A Month with Yeats: Day Eleven (each day a new Yeats quote) and Thursday photo prompt – Luna – #writephoto — Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo, with her photo.

“Where time is drowned in odour-laden winds
And Druid moons, and murmuring of boughs”
W.B. Yeats

Lower image: Pincushion flower refusing to succumb to frost and drifting leaves,
Nov. 11, 2017

Your Embrace #writephoto

Your Embrace

Your Embrace

I would lie on a bed of hard wood,
at the mercy of the elements,
the stars over my head,
if it meant waking by your side.

Should the vines wrap themselves
around us, neither
blazing sun, nor pouring rain,
could lessen the sweetness.

No matter the time or place,
it is your embrace
that consumes the moment,
brings me the joy I seek.

This poem is in response to Thursday Photo Prompt – Peace #writephoto, from Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo, with her photo.

A Question of Presence

A Question of Presence

A Question of Presence

I might say to spare me
an absence of presence, should

the time come, but remember,
a sparrow may return to a nest

abandoned, that light still touches
those reaches outwardly empty.

A jay might seem raucous,
even crazed, but devoted,

still, to those it holds dear.
Dotage to its extremes.

In catching up with my reading after last week’s absence, I found derelict, Kerfe Roig’s (method two madness) response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt. Her poem took me in this direction.
Image source: Blue Jay, © Maria Corcacas/PFW via The Cornell Lab of Ornithology


Sue’s Original Photo Prompt