hope for the future ~ shadorma

hope for the future

newborn child
a most welcome gift
blessed with love
embraced, now and forever
hope for the future

Just three days after our return home from our trip to New York, my newest granddaughter, Maeve Emilia, arrived. I look forward to meeting her in the not-too-distant future.

This poem is my response to Colleen’s Weekly #TankaTuesday
Challenge No. 289, #SpecificForm Shadorma.
Also, I am sharing this with OpenLink LIVE at dVerse~ Poets Pub.

Visions of Longed-for Relief ~ Word Craft Poetry Syllabic Winner

My poem, “Visons of Longed-for Relief,” is the Second Place Winner in the Word Craft Poetry Syllabic Poetry Contest, where Colleen Chesebro asked us to write a tanka prose on the theme of Dreams.  Thank you to the judges for selecting my poem, and congratulations to D. Wallace Peach, Merril D. Smith, and Jude Itakali who placed first, third, and honorable mention, respectively.
Ken G.


memories, the only present ~ gogyohka

  Image copyright
David, The Skeptic’s Kaddish


distance, measured in time
always out of reach
in the future lie possibilities
in the past, all that is unobtainable
memories, the only present

This gogyohka is my response to  Colleen Chesebro’s #TankaTuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 274, #Ekphrastic #PhotoPrompt, where we are asked to write any form of syllabic poetry (including gogyohka), inspired by a photo provided by David, The Skeptics Kaddish.
The photo is of David’s father who is gone, but always present in his heart.

Thoughts Take Wing ~ tanka prose

Thoughts Take Wing

From dragonflies to swallows; from great blue heron to bald eagle; this winding river offers sights that take my mind on flights of fancy. Although my passage is never as graceful as theirs, I glide across the water with a paddle as my wings and take in the beauty that surrounds me. Past limestone bluffs with distinctive faces that talk of the mystery of time, beside shoals that hold stone tools from the past, to the passage of time itself as I pass beneath lush, overhanging branches in midsummer that become graceful lines in winter. With nature as my companion, my thoughts take wing.

damselfly in flight
bass jumps out of the water
lands with a big splash
waves roll out in a circle
create ripples in my mind

This is my response to Colleen’s #TankaTuesday Weekly Poetry Challenge
No. 268, Specific Form: Tanka Prose

In a roundabout way, this might be considered on prompt for Day 13 at napowrimo.net, where we are asked to write a poem that shows how good fortune is possible, even when it seems impossibly distant.

Transitions ~ haiku


as leaves change
cooler winds prevail
shorter days

fading light
as leaves float downstream
herons leave

hidden water
when river freezes
icy wind

eagle’s nest
among bare branches
with first buds

bass splashes
kingfisher’s steep dive
turtles wake

warm breeze blows
across muddy banks
drying out

I have been chosen to name the theme for this week at WordCraft: Prose & Poetry.
The cycle in this haiku sequence is my own response to
Colleen’s #TankaTuesday Weekly Poetry Challenge
No. 262: #ThemePrompt: Transitions

Shared with Open Link #311: March Live Edition

evening sunlight ~ abhanga

evening sunlight

welcome brilliance arrives
with a break in the clouds
as their shroud dissipates
evening sunlight

This poem is my response to Colleen’s#TankaTuesday 2/8/22 #Poetry Challenge No. 260, #SpecificForm: Abhanga. Abhanga is a form commonly used for devotional poetic composition although it has also been used for cynicism, satire and reflective moods. The elements of abhanga are as follows:

• stanzaic, written in any number of 4 line stanzas.
• syllabic, 6-6-6-4 syllables each
• rhyme pattern … x-a-a-x, where x does not rhyme
• often internal rhyme is employed
…and yes, I stretched the rule about rhyming

Photo: 5:08 pm CST ~ 08 February 2022
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