The Ultimate Abuse

The Ultimate Abuse

Wade through the rhetoric,
read row after row
of 213 pages of propaganda,
and understand the abuse
not only of power
but of citizens living
in a male-dominated society
where personal welfare is ignored
and the potential of a death sentence
is imposed without any pretense
of a trial once petty politicians are allowed
to do so to maintain their dominance,
and ask yourself how you can be
proud to be a member of that society,
knowing that further changes
using the very same logic,
or lack thereof, will be used to erode
further personal freedom in the future.


               Click image for link to US Supreme Court decision

Blackbird ~ with audio



The time has come.
A flame long lit rises higher
with each generation.

No longer meek
or following a creed
that dictates second-class status,

this sisterhood, each woman
who walks this earth, grows
with each bridge crossed.

Do not ask me to refute this,
for I can not. Nothing will stop
their search for equality.

Its progress may seem slow,
but a blackbird in the wind
will still choose its course.

This is my response to Wordle 577 at The Sunday Whirl.

blackbird / flame / wind / time / cross / me / woman / meek / seem / creed / search / earth

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ongoing struggle ~ haibun


ongoing struggle

In a short interview, filmmaker Monika Treut talks of the advances in the Berlin film community, and in real life, regarding the visibility of LGBTQ. She notes similar trends in other countries. However, she also points out that, in countries such as the US, acceptance is just as likely to be restricted in response to political trends, while, in countries such as Poland, art, especially as a medium to further LGBTQ rights, is unacceptable. She further notes that women, in general, face obstacles in being recognized and accepted as filmmakers.

ongoing struggle
for Q in society
life and cinema

acknowledgment sought
sans grudging recognition
for women, as well

This haibun (with haiku couplet) is in response to Haiku Review Challenge by The Secret Keeper.  The short film offered for review is An Interview with Monika Treut, found on Vimeo.