getting my outdoors

getting my outdoors

highs in the nineties, damn hot
in the sun, past two weeks
same for the next week

even 8am sees high seventies
reading the paper on the porch
at 7am the extent of my outdoors

damn humidity makes it no better
might as well be raining and it does
on and off, with rain tonight

enough is enough
if the rain stops
in the morning I’ll be on the water

hugging the bank
hugging the shade,
getting my outdoors

Image: The gar were splashing last month
(Video screenshot – click for larger view in new tab)

the dawning of realization

the dawning of realization

like a heatwave dully reminding you
how much you dislike the heat,
the distance from true waves
on water more often blue than not

how you want to be there
not here, where more time is spent
indoors than out, whether allergies
or just the weather, but mostly

both, to be honest, as one front
meets another and sinuses respond,
pressing eyes that dully see a scene
that isn’t what you want to see

Approaching temps near 100 today, and a sinus headache
reminding me that thunderstorms are on the way.

Image source: NOAA – National Weather Service

It Feels Like Rain ~ cento


It Feels Like Rain

When the rain comes,
they run and hide their heads
when they should be singing,
celebrating that glorious feeling.

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain.
Never gonna stop the rain by complainin’.
It’s a pretty comfy feeling,
caught up in a summer shower.

Clouds of mystery pourin’ confusion on the ground.
It’s a time to reach out for something new.
It’s shining down like water
and it feels like rain.

Feel the power of the rain
making the flowers grow.
Oh, I hear laughter in the rain,
there with the beat of the rain on the leaves.

Upon us a little rain must fall,
so stay with me and I’ll have it made.
Open up the heavens.
Let it rain!

This cento (my first) is in response to the prompt for Day 10 which is to take a regional saying about the weather and write a poem around it. Instead, I’ve taken lyrics from 14 songs to form this poem.

The songs and artists are as follows:

When the Rain Comes – The Beatles
Singing in the Rain – Gene Kelly

The Falling Rain – The Cascades
Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head – B J Thomas
Rain on the Roof – Lovin’ Spoonful

Who’ll Stop the Rain – Creedence Clearwater Revival
Purple Rain – Prince
Have You Ever Seen the Rain – Creedence Clearwater Revival
Feels Like Rain – John Hiatt

Flowers in the Rain – The Move
Laughter in the Rain – Neil Sedaka

The Rain Song – Led Zeppelin
No Rain – Blind Melon
Make it Rain – Tom Waits

Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash (cropped here)


Courting Migraine

Courting Migraine

scattered, dancing
with sun
howling wind
storm prelude

sinuses protest
migraine near
troubled rest
wind pounds
meager dinner

Mild sinus headaches are an everyday annoyance for me,
tolerated until it’s absolutely necessary to take medication.
It’s been awhile, but they have developed into full blown migraines.
Yesterday, one snuck up on me and laid me up in bed for hours.