Reflections & Revelations ~ Poetry Anthology

 Susi Bocks, Editor of The Short of It, has announced the release of Reflections & Revelations, which includes seven of my poems. It’s available in a paperback edition, and the details can be found here.

Many thanks to Editor Susi Bocks. I’m honored to have my poetry included in this collection.

Reading Between the Lines
Shorter Still
Beneath the Waves
In the Dark
Path to Winter

Ken G.

Susi Bocks shares my poetry at The Short of It

I Write Her

Fabio Jock – Unsplash


Well worn,
our path together,
though not

Our destination
nowhere near

the one we chose.
Where we parted,
all that remains

is a milestone
of what once was
our life together.

Reading Between the Lines


Fine lines, creases
Framing the lips
Corners of the eyes

Within those eyes
A gleam of enthusiasm
The dull shade of weariness

Regarding those lips
The glimmer of teeth
A solemn line of doubt


A gleam in the eyes
Taken for joy
Or is it anger?

Teeth shown in anger
Or is that a hint of laughter?
The lips might say

Or is it all weariness?
The answer lies in both
Behind the mask

Shorter Still

Far from brief, the time left
when viewed in the past.
A lifetime to shape a future,
with no end in sight.

Shorter now, it seems.
The slideshow of bygone images

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